Budgeting…am I being punished?

While living life on a budget is not meant to be punishment, it absolutely does not allow for spur of the moment purchases and it simply doesn’t allow for purchases outside of your means, unless you are…well, cheating.  There will undoubtedly be things that you want, that exceed the recommended income percentage per category.  So what do you do?

Take a look at Budget vs Wants PDF.

My want purchases are usually clothing and accessories, hence the above examples.  But, your wants may be jewelry or technology.  There may even be a  necessity item that is just more than you can afford.  Whatever the case, there are three options: hope for a gracious giver, borrow/pay with credit (which means you are…well, cheating), or save for it.  Now, saving may take a long time.  A long, long time depending on the price tag.  You may not even want or need that particular thing once you finally saved enough for it but, at least when you can pay for it, you don’t have to go into debt for it.  AND most importantly, you didn’t have to tap into money saved to fund your education for it. ?

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