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Our Story

We created Leaders Inspiring Fruitful Tomorrows (LIFT) in May 2005 with one purpose; to help students then, like me, navigate the process of applying for and entering medical school. Unlike my experience, I wanted students to have a team to guide their interests and provide necessary information regarding the process as well as life while in pursuit of a lofty dream. Some would call the members of such a team, mentors, a concept that was foreign to me at the time.  As a result, I fought my way through failures, successes, fatigue, and even misery with just a small set of supporters.

In high school, I decided that I wanted to be a brain surgeon. There were no brain surgeons in my family and I didn’t even routinely visit a doctor’s office. This was essentially a fairy tale dream.  Over time, I changed that specialty goal many times over, though still becoming a physician through many setbacks and gains. There are some students, however, who due to many factors are unable to see their dreams come to fruition.  Our goal is to make sure that does not happen because of a lack of support or available resources.

I never imagined that this process of starting a business would take over 10 years just to get off the ground, but it did and still continues to be a work in progress.   As I have learned about and prepared the various documentation, continued through medical school, residency, fellowship, and many moves and life events in between, we continue to build while learning in the process.  We cannot do it alone.  We will need community involvement, support, and funding so that our programs can succeed and flourish.  We affirm the belief that it takes a village to raise a child which is in addition to parental guidance and training at home.

My vision for Leaders Inspiring Fruitful Tomorrows (LIFT) has evolved over the years but the foundation has never changed. We will assemble leaders in our community in support of educational and resource support for three fundamental initiatives: equity in education (gender, race, and social status), financial literacy, and community development and diversity.

Our Mission

Leaders Inspiring Fruitful Tomorrows (LIFT) is an educational organization established to provide scholarships, mentoring, and educational opportunities for students interested in going to college and exceptional students interested in careers in medicine, law, and business. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization directing efforts and resources to junior high, high school, and college students; challenging them to create and pursue goals regardless of ethnic, social, or financial background. Scholars will be informed, equipped, and encouraged to be life-long students in the pursuit of their dreams and aspirations.

Our Vision

There is no time like today to build and nurture our future generation of leaders.  Future doctors, lawyers, businessmen, and women, and politicians must embrace fervor for continuing education.  Education still is power!

Leaders Inspiring Fruitful Tomorrows, Corporation or LIFT is teaming with trusted leaders, companies, and established programs to take on the tough challenge of making education important again. Our programs immerse rising students in their desired career fields through forums, workshops, trips, and mentor experiences.  We don’t stop there, we also partner with test prep agencies to ready our students for standardized tests by offsetting the cost of test-prep classes.  Next, we prepare students for their college and secondary experience with a specific focus on financial education, budgeting/resource management, while providing directed scholarships.  In that same spirit, we provide free educational resources and advocate for improved education costs, quality education, and affordable student housing.  Our future, learning centers (L.I.F.T Smart Centers) spread across communities that will expand the access of vulnerable populations to quiet study space, library materials, free Internet and print access, and collocated childcare centers.  Education is still important.  It is the backbone of many professions.  It is a force multiplier and a propellant within communities.  EDUCATION IS STILL IMPORTANT!  And we strive to make the completion of secondary education a reality with proper resources.  Realizing that some kids, because of their background, their financial status, their race, and or their lack of structured support, need more to get the same result.  We make education dreams a reality specifically for those underserved, first-generation, and nontraditional students.  And we won’t just help you get started on your journey; we will provide leadership, mentorship, and equipment for every step along the way.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us

Sincerely, Dr. Tarra I. Faulk, D.O., FASN – Founder, President, and CEO

Our Board of Directors:

Roderick Faulk, Co-Founder

Africa Fullove

Scott McCusker

Esosa Ojomo

Feyisayo Ojomo

Organizational documents are available by request. 

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