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Dreamer spotlight: Kelly Lepeska, creating a stage of her own

Episode and show notes

Get in Touch

Welcome back Dreamers!  In this episode, I had the opportunity to chat with Kelly, a business owner in Stone Oak in San Antonio, Texas.  She is the owner and director of Second Act Productions where she provides an outlet for the stone oak community through the magic of theater.  She offers workshops, productions, and private lessons. 


  • Original episode written and produced by: Tarra Faulk

  • Show Notes by: Tarra Faulk

  • Cover Art by: Tarra Faulk

  • Host: Tarra Faulk

  • Editors: Emily Prokop, (audio); Tarra Faulk (audio, written)

  • Guests: Kelly Lepeska

  • Sponsors and Advertising: We need sponsors and we have advertising slots for your business. Email us at for more information.

Show notes

  • 00:00 Intro

  • 00:42 Introductions

  • 01:20 Getting started with her business

  • 02:40 Starting a community theater program in Stone Oak

  • 03:30 All things coming together

  • 04:10 Kelly introduces herself

  • 05:29 Last fun thing that she did

  • 06:50 Best parenting advice (she has 4 boys!)

  • 07:40 About Second Act Productions

  • 08:15 Why the name Second Act

  • 09:01 Getting started, background in theater, Second Act 1-year anniversary

  • 10:27 42nd Street Musical meets COVID-19

  • 12:30 The show must go on

  • 17:34 A lesson in patience

  • 20:20 Everyone has a part to play

  • 21:46 All virtual musical- Super Happy Awesome News

  • 22:35 Lesson learned from COVID- individual cast zoom calls to coach/mentor, build on their character’s role

  • 23:48 What’s next for Second Act?

  • 24:35 Elf Jr. will be a live show in December IF all remains well with COVID

  • 26:10 Where to find Second Act Productions

  • 27:07 Closing

  • 27:22 Outro

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