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how to write and receive the best letter of recommendation

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Welcome back Dreamers! In this episode, I start the conversation about letters of recommendation with some tips that I have learned or acquired over the years. Chances are you will either need a letter of recommendation or need to write one. I have had experience with both. I am sure this episode will evolve over time but here is the first iteration of it and my first tip episode. I hope the information helps AND let me know if I left anything out. Enjoy!


  • Original episode written and produced by: Tarra Faulk

  • Show Notes by: Tarra Faulk

  • Cover Art by: Tarra Faulk

  • Host: Tarra Faulk

  • Editors: Emily Prokop, (audio); Tarra Faulk (audio, written)

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Show notes

  • 00:00 Intro

  • 00:59 Worst letter of recommendation

  • 01:29 Why letters or recommendation are important

  • 01:40 Who needs a letter of recommendation?

  • 01:58 Rule #1- Treat everyone as if you will need a letter from them

  • 02:14 Who should you ask to write of letter of recommendation, myth dispelled

  • 02:34 Rule #2- Be amazing every day

  • 03:35 How to ask for letter of recommendation

  • 03:55 As a letter writer for whom should you write a letter of recommendation

  • 04:13 What you should do if you cannot offer your highest letter of recommendation

  • 04:36 Rule #3- Only write a letter if you can give your highest recommendation

  • 04:40 Ranking if you need to write more than one letter for the same thing

  • 05:10 What you should say in your letter of recommendation

  • 05:37 An example of a letter I wrote recently

  • 08:20 Closing

  • 08:39 Outro

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