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#workingmomgoals: winning during the worst year ever

Episode and show notes

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This is our very first published episode and my favorite thus far.  My girlfriends, who are mothers to multiples, married, and working full time share their experiences during this crazy time.  I really wanted to talk about how COVID has affected us, our families, our schedules, and everything in between. 


  • Original episode, written and produced by Tarra Faulk

  • Show Notes by Tarra Faulk

  • Cover Art by Tarra Faulk

  • Host: Tarra Faulk

  • Editors: Emily Prokop, (audio); Tarra Faulk (audio, written)

  • Guests: Brandy Lybeck, Arlonya Hammler, Africa Fullove, Feyi Ojomo

  • Sponsors and Advertising: We need sponsors and we have advertising slots for your business.  Email us at for more information.


  • 00:00 Intro

  • 01:03 Introductions (Africa is a teacher educator, Arlonya is an engineering manager, Feyi is an engineer leader in a biotechnology firm, and Brandy is a physician executive)

  • 07:38 How work/home life was affected by COVID

  • 11:00 The impact of COVID from a teacher educator perspective

  • 20:32 Having a child in daycare during COVID, concerns of safety

  • 22:04 The impact of COVID from a physician perspective

  • 26:45 The benefit of having help, family

  • 29:20 Technology resources for those in need, California, Oregon

  • 31:15 Safety measures with having a nanny

  • 33:00 Compassionate leadership, flexibility and grace in the work setting “you can’t pour from an empty cup”

  • 45:22 Selfcare

  • Peloton app for workouts

  • Baking bread

  • Fitness competition via Apple Watch

  • Calm app 

  • Yoga with Adriene on YouTube 

  • Our bible app 

  • The marriage meeting 

  • 52:17 Where is the lunch lady? Meal planning/rules for the kids at home

  • 1:05:11 The importance of family help/connection/some sort of assistance

  • 1:06:50 Post COVID vacation, where are you going and with whom?

  • 1:11:20 Closing banter

  • 1:13:21 Outro

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